Hippie Decoration

hippie decoration

We have the freedom to decorate our home as we like. The styles are varied and among them we find a particular decorating style: the hippie. Want ideas for this type of decoration? If you like psychedelic music and feel identified with the hippie movement or if you just interested in this beauty for your home do not miss the following decorating ideas hippie.

First, the sign of peace is very popular among the hippie community and, therefore, should not miss in your decor. You can have an accessory or make a estecil on the wall. In this case you can add a contrasting white peace symbol on a wall in bright colours.

Collects old guitars in your home. No need to be in good condition because they simply use them to acclimate the place. A good idea is to paint lines or colour schemes.

The dyed fabrics will also serve to create a hippie atmosphere. With a little fabric paint you can decorate your curtains, bedding and other textiles. Atala fabric with a rubber band and sink them in a bowl of colored water. Then let it dry, unwrap and you’ll have ready your new fabric.

hippie decoration

With regard to decorative vinyl wall designs typical of the 60 or 70 will add style to your decor. You can also add some psychedelic posters on the walls. The stickers that glow in the dark and have planets and stars can be a good alternative to add a touch of fun during the night.

In addition, bead curtains and lava lamps, hippies are two elements that will complement your decor. Incense is also a good addition to our environments and that will add a special aroma and finish completing the hippie style we are looking for.

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